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Some coins
Buried treasure in English Channel
March 22, 2011

He has been working in the murky seas around Britain’s coast for 25 years.

But now commercial diver Sean Ryan, of Huddersfield, has struck gold – quite literally!

The 45-year-old from Crosland Moor has found a hoard of buried treasure.

Okay, it may not be a rotting wooden chest full of gold doubloons and goblets.

But the haul of coins, cutlery, and medals he uncovered 120 meters down on the sea bed of the English Channel is worth a few thousand pounds.

And it brought a touch of excitement to the daily life of Sean, who is working on a seabed exploration project for an oil company.

Some of the coins he brought to the surface are thought to be Victorian, while other material salvaged includes several gold rings, brooches, and pins.

Intriguingly, there was also a medal inscribed to the Yorkshire Riflemen, who were predecessors of the Prince of Wale’s Own regiment of Yorkshire, now part of the Yorkshire Regiment.

“It was a wonderful moment” said Sean, of Crosland Moor.






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