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The Daunt Sub Aqua club is a vibrant dive club located in Cork, with many of the best dive sites in Ireland right on its doorstep. It currently has a membership of 10 divers. The club operates from Oysterhaven, but regularly organizes dives in West Cork and Kerry, which are within easy reach. This year the club is celebrating its 48th birthday — its constitution was first written in 1974.


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The underwater world is our common interest and passion. By joining our club you’ll become a part of our supportive community that plans and organises taking on some deep-water adventures. Our members love exploring what life has to offer, the diving culture is a unique space that brings excitement to our members. As a result, we often hold events where we can enjoy some grounded relaxation and fun.
There’s always something to talk about when there’s food on the grill and a beverage in hand. Our Club’s social life developed naturally as it became a tradition to share our thoughts about adventures and experiences. New faces are always welcome, partly because it gives us another excellent reason to have a well-deserved celebration!

Join our club for welcoming get-togethers and epic adventures that leave you eager to discuss them with your friends.


More about

Diving Ireland (CFT)

Diving Ireland

Diving Ireland is the national governing body for recreational underwater sports in Ireland. We were founded in 1963 to organise and promote sport scuba diving and snorkelling.

Diving Ireland has grown since then to incorporate over 63 clubs around the Country. Diving Ireland courses are ISO accredited and use the CMAS standards. The Diving Ireland instructor training programme is integrated with the Sport Ireland adventure sport instructor framework.

Diving Ireland is the only diver training organisation integrated with the Sport Ireland instructor training programme.

Cross over


Cross Over Divers Have you a qualification from another organisation?? Well if so you are very welcome! We recognise most international diving grades and offer equivalence to our own grades. What does this mean for you? Well it means that if you have a recognised qualification you will not have to go through all the training again.

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Address Cork City
Email: info@dauntsac.com
Phone: 087 343 6711



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