Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium

Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is well known all around Ireland, but not everyone knows that Daunt Club members are the lucky ones, who in every few weeks clean the tanks there. All of them, because Daunt divers are not afraid to put their life on risk and get into even the “most dangerous” tank, where the sharks reside. In Dingle Aquarium tourists can only watch those creatures through thick glass wall and they still look at them with mixture of fear and respect, but what scares off most people, for Daunt members it is just a great fun, because they love adventures and every time almost fight with each other to have a chance to do the maintenance in the aquarium full of sharks.

2nd of January 2011 few “chosen” Daunt members had an honour to clean Aquarium tanks and ipso facto unofficially open Diving Season 2011. The happiest ones were of course Mary, Paul and Greg, who without any fear jumped into sharks’ home, giving a free show to accidental Oceanworld visitors. Astonished adults and screaming children, could observe them, hiding and waiting at first for sharks’ reaction and then bravely scrubbing the glass surface. Tourists, who were watching divers, probably found it as a great attraction and the most common question was “are the sharks going to eat them?”. Fortunately mission was completed with success and without any harm on sharks or divers bodies.

Movies from that trip: http://www.youtube.com

Home web: http://www.dingle-oceanworld.ie/